Touristic Gems of Southern Kazakhstan

If you long for sun, fruit and bright colors, it's time for you to go to the south!  Yet, there’s no need to fly to exotic countries to get them, as you can find all of these in Turkestan Region.

Until 1962, it was called Southern Kazakhstan Region, then got renamed to Shymkent Region, and in 1992 it got its previous name back.  In 2018, it was renamed once again and became Turkestan Region.  It is located inbetween the eastern section of the Turan Depression and Western Tien Shan Mountains and its spurs: Karatau, Boroldai, Korzhantau and others. From the south, it borders on the Kyzylkum Desert, and from the north on the Batpak-Dala and Moiynkum Deserts.  The largest river in Central Asia – the Syr Darya – crosses the region.

Since the Bronze Age until present, the Syrdarya Basin has served an arena of turbulent historical events.  Civilizations emerged and vanished here, original cities were built, battles thundered and a rich and diverse culture formed.  Therefore, an inquisitive tourist will be able to find a lot of interesting and enlightening things in this area soaked in history.  Turkestan Region is not deprived of natural resources either.  Located at the junction of geographical zones, squeezed inbetween the great plains and Pamir and Tien Shan type of mountains, landscape and biological diversity bloom especially vigorously here!

It’s impossible to see all the touristic pearls of the South in one trip, thus in order to visit at least some of them even briefly, we will have to be in a bit of hurry!