«Ile» river and the lake «Balkhash»

0:22 - we are moving towards the Dobyn Pier

1:20 - 80% of Lake Balkhash’s water comes from the Ile River

2:20 - This is where we will have our base camp.

3:40 - Are you the one monitoring the river?

4:20 - Nariman Abdulayev, Park Ranger

6:45 - Only me and Elon Musk know how to assemble this kayak!

7:30 - this year -2022 was considered the driest in the last 500 years.

8:30 - If we had come a week earlier, we would have seen a different picture.

10:15 - Sayat Alimkulov, Deputy Director, Institute of Geography

13:00 - Malik Burlibayev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Member of Russian Academy of Water Sciences

14:50 - Fires, of course, are a big concern also!

17:00 - Well, here comes the western wind!

19:00 - It seems, gentlemen, our expedition is ending ahead of schedule.