Kazakhstan conducts cybersecurity trainings

200 million cyber attacks have been detected in Kazakhstan since the beginning of the year. Digital infrastructure was hit hard during the pandemic. Problems of access to the state Internet resources showed the inadequacy of existing organizational and technological base in the field of digital transformation, Chairperson of Information Security Committee of Kazakh Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Ruslan Abdikalikov announced at a press briefing. He said that the phase of cyber security training, which involves deflecting cyber attacks on government agencies, continues.

“The purpose of the conducted cyber trainings is to check the readiness of state bodies, information security divisions, operational information security centers, and critically important objects of informatization to withstand emerging threats. An alleged  perpetrator will commit massive DdoS attacks on objects of informatization of electronic government, critically important objects of information and communication infrastructure. Attempts were made to hack state Internet resources. False information on social networks is distributed. Phishing attacks and distribution of malicious software took place as well,” said the minister.

Since December 6, Kazakh Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry with the National Security Committee, have been conducting ‘Cybersecurity Nur-Sultan 2020’ training.