Muslims in Kazakhstan celebrate beginning of Ramadan

In Kazakhstan, as in many other countries of the Muslim world, the holy month of Ramadan has begun. It is the second year that the coronavirus is making adjustments to its celebration. The pandemic is forcing new rules. However, this year’s situation is much more positive than it was in 2020. Regions of the country, which are in the ‘green’ zone, allowed mosques to operate in compliance with sanitary norms. The same cannot be said about the two largest cities of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan and Almaty. They are still in a high-risk ‘red’ zone for COVID-19 spread rate, so the rules are much stricter there.

“We ask all citizens, Muslims, to follow sanitary rules wherever they are. You must not forget about these same sanitary norms when you come to the mosque to pray or for almsgiving. The regions of the country are in different zones in terms of the spread of the infection, and therefore the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan has created special rules based on which zone the city is located. We urge citizens to follow these recommendations so as not to harm each other,” said Smaiyl Seitbekov, spokesperson for the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan.

The Administration also commented on the issue of vaccination. Experts said that it is permitted to get vaccinated during Ramadan fasting.

It will be much easier for believers to stick to the fasting schedule in April rather than if it was in summer. For example, pre-dawn breakfast starts at 4:30 am, and nutritionists advise not to miss it.

“First of all, it is necessary to eat properly, reasonably well and balanced. It is also important to take a pre-dawn breakfast, which is also called suhur. Make this meal balanced, take in slow-release carbs, for example, cereals or porridge with milk or water, some vegetables and protein are required,” noted Kazakh Health Ambassador Yerlan Manatayev.

Ramadan is the most famous month of the Islamic calendar. It is a time of fasting and humility. This year, it began on April 13 and will end on May 12. In May, The Night of Power falls on May 8.