Gul Astana flower festival takes place in Kazakh capital

The Gul Astana Ecourban Open Air festival dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Kazakh capital has kicked off much to the delight of residents and guests of Astana. The best florists presented their unique art objects, showcasing the beauty and richness of the nature of the Great Steppe. For example, the installation entitled ‘Four Yurts’ is designed in the landscape of the country’s natural zones.

“This festival enables people to see the beauty of Kazakhstan, featured in amazing landscapes, yurts, and all those unique things. Besides, we have six gorgeous photo zones, one of them is dedicated to legendary Dos-Mukasan band. There are also Altai, Autumn and other photo zones here,” said Maira Izmailova, festival producer.

The parade of animated paintings was no less spectacular. The unique program of the flower festival includes performance-style installations, florist contests, various theatrical performances and exhibitions.

“As they say, the best gift is always the one made with your own hands. Guests of the festival have a unique opportunity to try their hand at floristry and create a beautiful flower bouquet,” said Zhenis Yermukanov, correspondent.

It bears noting that the festival is not only entertaining, but also informative. This initiative aims to achieve several objectives, that is to involve citizens in the eco-movement, demonstrate the importance of recycling and bring eco-activists together. In the form of workshops, festival participants will be able to learn about solid waste disposal and the factors of air pollution.

“This festival is amazing. Even at that early hour, everyone is in high spirits. Great art objects, gorgeous flowers, all this beauty is presented at the festival. Such topics as ecology, especially the ecology of the country and the city are reflected here,” said Ferdussa, festival guest.

The festival will conclude with the presentation of the capital’s green map, identifying the best locations for green parks in the city. In addition, the flower that will become the symbol of Astana will be selected.