Top five most popular cities in Kazakhstan among tourists

3.5 million people have chosen Kazakhstan as their vacation destination since the beginning of 2023. Five cities have become the most popular among travelers, the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports reports. Aktau ranks fifth, with over 220,000 tourists visiting the Caspian Sea gem in four months. In addition, travelers’ interest in the Mangystau region center has increased by 20 percent by the summer season, the ministry noted. Atyrau secures the fourth position, with around 305,000 visitors between January and April. The city’s Saraishyk visitor center offers tourists the opportunity to explore the history of the Kazakh Khanate and the Golden Horde. Shymkent takes the third spot, where travelers usually visit sacred places or opt for health resort tours. The Kazakh capital of Astana ranks second in the list, having welcomed nearly a million tourists since the start of the year. Almaty, with an additional 200,000 visitors compared to the capital, tops the list of the most attractive travel destinations, alluring tourists with its nature, climate, and ski resorts.