President Tokayev takes part in International Volunteer Forum

Today the Head of State took part in the International Volunteer Forum. It is worth reminding that the event brought together more than 400 volunteers from 34 countries in the city of Astana. As noted by President Tokayev, another effective mechanism for stimulating the volunteer movement will be the system of accounting for charitable activities, which is planned to be introduced in stages in Kazakhstan. Besides, there are plans to provide long-term grants. Special attention will be paid to international cooperation, since it is a great opportunity to determine the further direction for development and exchange of experience. Kazakhstan has much to be proud of in this sphere, namely at all levels, that is, state, public, systemic, and regional ones.

A lot of work has been done since 2020 which was declared the Year of Volunteers in Kazakhstan. Thus, the amount of volunteer organizations in the country has tripled and now amounts to 680 associations. The number of volunteers has reached 200,000 people. Front offices have been established in all Kazakh regions, where thousands of volunteers have been trained. In addition, the platform was launched. Any resident of the country can now seize a great opportunity to become a member of the volunteer movement and make a contribution to a good cause. Kazakh volunteers specifically visited Jordan, Kenya, Thailand, and Turkey, where they gained some valuable experience. In this regard, I would like to express my gratitude to the United Nations representatives who support volunteers in Kazakhstan,” said the Kazakh President.

President Tokayev emphasized that being a volunteer means, first of all, being a patriot of the country. This is the way of life of those who put spiritual values above all else, and whose heart is merciful and kind. Thanks to such qualities as responsiveness and willingness to help, which are fully inherent in the Kazakh people, the deportees to Kazakhstan were able to find their second home.

Last week, the second meeting of the National Kurultai was held in Turkistan, where I emphasized that values such as patriotism, humanity, the cult of knowledge, thrift, diligence, and mercy should be the highest priority. Only responsible citizens, including volunteers, will build a just Kazakhstan,” noted the Head of State.

Every year the range of areas covered by volunteers is growing. They are always at the forefront ready to selflessly help others and respond quickly in all emergencies, including fires, earthquakes, floods, search of people, training and supporting those in need, protecting animals, and nature conservation. And as volunteers themselves admit, their mission is to inspire and change the present and the future.