Kazakhstan to host World Science Week with participation of Nobel laureates

Nur-Sultan will host the world science week online with the participation of Nobel laureates and world experts from April 7 to 16. One of the largest educational and popular science events Central Asia Nobel Fest will be held as part of the week. This year, the slogan of the fest is “Inventing the Future”. Its program is focused on the development of technologies and innovations in three key areas: economy of opportunities, industry of the future and educational trends. The festival is expected to be attended by several renowned experts, including global head of education impact at Google Jennie Magiera, Manager of Global Trends at Ford Motor Company Sheryl Connelly as well as international economists, such as Jeffrey Sachs, Xavier Sala-i-Martin and Michael Spence. A series of lectures by Nobel laureates for universities of Kazakhstan and Central Asia will also become the key event of the world science week in the country.

“We decided to hold not only the festival of science and innovations, but also a week of Nobel lectures, which will take place from April 12 to 16 as part of the world science week. Here I should note that five laureates of Nobel Prize and nine laureates of “Breakthrough Prize” will speak at the festival. We also expect eight laureates of Nobel Prize to give special lectures for universities of Kazakhstan at the week of Nobel lectures. This is the first time in the history of Kazakhstan, when the Nobel Prize laureates give lectures for a whole week and conduct lectures specifically with students. There is an opportunity to ask questions and hold a discussion,” said Adilet Amirov, coordinator, Central Asia Nobel Fest.