Kazakh school students win grant from Microsoft

Kazakh school students win grant from Microsoft

It takes just a minute and a half to create a complete website with a unique IT project invented by two Kazakh citizens, Arsen Kylyshbek and Vladimir Borzenkov. Previously, this seemed to be impossible to accomplish this task. The project of the students of the National Physics and Math School not only attracted the attention of the world’s leading IT giants, but also won a US$550,000 grant from Microsoft.

“Now we are planning to use these funds to launch the project successfully, attract new customers, and further develop it from a basic website-building platform to a full-fledged creator of mobile apps and other software services. The only thing required is English language proficiency, in the future we are planning to add the input function from any language,” noted Vladimir Borzenkov.

The startup project was designed on the basis of artificial intelligence, which is capable of generating a full-fledged service for the client with the most modern design. It takes into account all the requests of users of the web service. Thus, the creation of the website is based on direct communication with artificial intelligence through text messages. The platform also includes an enhanced information security system.

“The platform is open and free. People on the waiting list will receive a three-month free access to test our project. We will open up opportunities for anyone who wants to start their own businesses. Now the idea is all you need for successful development,” said Arsen Kylyshbek.

The main goal of young startup developers is to promote domestic IT products abroad. In the near future, they intend to take part in another competition in the U.S.