Digital Family Map launched in Kazakhstan

The Digital Family Map has been launched in Kazakhstan since January 1. It is designed for the proactive appointment of nine types of benefits and social payments, as was reported by the country’s Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population. The map is integrated with the ‘Smart Data Ukimet’ analytical system, which provides access to databases of government agencies. They contain various information, such as the level of income, the presence of movable and immovable property, loans, as well as family composition. Based on all that, an analysis is performed, which helps to indicate the degree of the family’s welfare and to arrange allowances without request, when necessary. The project was launched in a pilot mode on September 1 last year. Since then, more than 13,000 Kazakh citizens have received state support. It is worth noting that to date, the Digital Family Map system has collected information on 19.5 million citizens or 6.3 million families.