Unique ‘Horse Show’ in Turkistan

Turkistan continues to amaze and attract an endless flow of tourists. Another event is a unique ‘Horse Show’. It takes place in the amphitheater located in the KeruenSarai complex. The performance is based on the Kazakh national game ‘KyzKuu’. Famous French stuntman Mario Luraschi is an author and stage director of the spectacle. This show is one of a kind and there is no similar in the world.

 “As a basis we took the very moment when a man in love mounts a horse and gallops after a young woman. Mario Luraschi, an artistic director, a stage director of this show has turnedthis instant moment intoa beautiful one-hour theatrical performance. The show combines acrobatic, dance and music performances. There are folklore style, horse riding, martial arts as well as amazing stunt tricks,” said show curator Vladimir Kosenko.

Preparation for the show took place in three countries - Kazakhstan, France and Turkey. According to the curator, it turned out to be really distinguished.                                     

“First of all, it is the team of director Mario Luraschi. While in France, he worked on the development of the show, including the costumes, music, decorations and concepts of the show. Next, it is the central office of the Development Business Department in Istanbul, which was involved in the organization. Guys from the Nomad Stunts trained at their base. They were preparing themselves for stunts related to equestrian art,”said show curator Vladimir Kosenko.

The arena in the KeruenSarai was specially designed for this show. In the future, it is planned to hold concerts and sporting events there, as the stage is fully equipped with a modern system, a large screen, and high-quality sound and light settings. As for the artists, there is mutual partnership and support among them.

“There was a good collaboration here as well. There’s an interesting symbiosis of different nationalities, different cultures, different directions. We have stuntmen, artists, dancers, actors and acrobats. We have a team of stage director Mario from France. We have our stuntmen from the Nomad Stunts under the leadership of Zhaidarbek, and we have artists who took part in a special casting in Almaty, where they came and showed their skills,”said show curator Vladimir Kosenko.

People can visit the show, which is already very popular among the audience, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Editing by SauleMukhamejanova